About Us


Stars group of Schools , Academies & Colleges is a well organized educational institute that fulfills the needs of students in all over Punjab. We are known as an Industry of Doctors, Engineers and Computer Programmers. Al-hamdullillah we have had many Top Positions in Lahore Board Exams as well as in ECAT & MCAT. This appreciation and recognition by the society is more because of its unique way of imparting modern education with Islamic perspective. Alhamdulillah, many achievements have been made so far in the different areas of curricular and co-curricular activity. The journey towards excellence is on very rapidly and every achievement is a beacon of light and source of inspiration. The partial problems are no doubt there but they don’t come in the way of our enthusiastic and strict and dedicated team of selfers and honest workers. These challenges are like opportunities for us and gives us guidance and tips for future panning. Our Logo is;

History of Stars