The academic year commences from April and continues till March of next year. There are 2 or 3 terms in an academic year.

 Term 1: April to October
 Term 2: November to March


Examination results are compiled recorded and maintained in respective student’s files; Results are usually put up on the class examination result sheet and displayed on the notice board. Results are obtained from the following
 Monthly TestMid-Year Exam
 Final Exam

The results is recorded in a progress report and then communicated to respective students and parents.

Teachers' Training

Professional development is a key factor when it comes to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. Professional development of teachers is essential to achieve and maintain standards of quality education. We, at Stars, recognize the significance of teacher development and feel it is an ongoing process.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce the launch of ‘MAXIMIZE’, a training programme designed by our experts after thorough market study, updated research on training and analysis of the feedback collated from all the campuses. The modules developed in this programme have been conceived and structured to cater to your requirements, completely customised to your context and needs.

The modules have been categorized into four broad categories:
   Policies and Procedures
   Teaching Methodologies
   Communication Skills
   Leadership & Management

A total of 14 trainings fall under these four heads, covering a range of subjects, topics and content.